Reliable painting services since 1972. We are not just painting houses. We are painting dreams.

Our Services

Interior Painting

We offer interior painting and designs. Let us make your vision a vibrant reality. Consult us today and experience our interior painting assistance.

Exterior Painting

Our ultimate goal is not only to make the internal part of your building aesthetic but also to make it dreaming by passers-by.

Commercial Painting

Oriental Painting Co. should be a “final point” for all because we provide a pleasing and amazing commercial painting service. We understand your commercial painting needs. Let’s prove it.

Industrial Painting

Keep each of your industries new as we are the best in the whole universe just for you. Best service from the best design firm and to the best customers. Are you one of those customers? Then you are welcome.

Drywall Repair

With many years of experience since 1972, you can rest assured that our expertise is extraordinary. Do you have any issue (simple or compound) with your plasterboard? Then think no more for we are here to make it beautiful and shiny.

Color Consulting

We understand that you selecting the right color for your facility can be challenging; we give you full attention with an excellent human relation when it comes to choosing the perfect colors for your building.

Why us?

We got the tools

Our company has all it takes to make your project perfect and exceptional, you don’t have to buy or rent any tool.

Certified Experience

All our workers are learned, diligent, friendly and are all professionals. They will bless your painting not with mouth this time, but with their experience.

Competitive Pricing

We always provide quality, though it is a hierarchy. You don’t need to break your bank account just because you want to give your building a fantastic look. We are forever considerate.

Lifetime Guarantee

A job is never finished until any Oriental painting client is completely satisfied. And I’m confident you would love it before we finish it. Don’t be panic as our design works for years.

40+ Years Experience

Since 1972, our services are reliable, and it does not end now as we don’t just paint houses, we also paint dreams.

Great Support

Let’s help achieve yours dreams by giving you the special support ever.

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