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Painting contractors in Los Angeles

Interior Painting

Paint. Brushes. Cover for the carpet and furniture. Painting is a lot of work in addition to the supplies needed. Call Oriental Painting.

Painting contractors in Los Angeles

Exterior Painting

Painting is hard work. Scraping off the old paint. The new coat. Standing on ladders. Call Oriental Painting. We do the hard work.

commercial painting in Los Angeles

Commercial Painting

Your building has to look good. Safety areas have to meet OSHA requirements. When painting needs to be done, Oriental Painting is there. Call today for a free estimate.

Industrial painting in los angeles

Industrial Painting

Safety. Hygiene. Protection. Industrial painting is more than just putting a coat of paint on a wall. It’s a protective barrier. It’s a warning and caution sign. It’s directions for employees. When your plant needs painting, Oriental Painting is there.

drywall repair los angeles

Drywall Repair

Repairing drywall is more than cutting a patch and slapping some mud over the hole. The repair has to be a part of the wall so it won’t fall out. It has to blend seamlessly into the rest of the wall

color consulting los angeles

Color Consulting

Color matters. You need something that matches your decor and sets the tone for what you are doing. When you the exactly right color, Oriental Painting is here to help. We know what you need.