Color Consultation

Colors. Fabrics. Furniture. Lighting. Decor. When it come to interior design, Oriental Painting Company is among the best.

Our designers are working in the finest LA homes helping every homeowner turn his or her house from a place to live into a true home.

If you have something in mind, we can turn that into reality. If you’re not sure what you want done, our designers will sit down and go over what they think will work best.

When you’re ready, we are too.

When you want something done right the first time, you call someone who has experience. You call someone who knows what to do.

You call someone who has the right tools and the right equipment. Oriental Painting Company – we are the experts

Great for you

All you need is the space. We bring the ideas. Oriental Painting has the experts, the experience and everything else to bring world class interior design to any room in your home.

We can design the entire house as well. Call today.